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Help Us Save The Beach


downtown Toronto’s only beach is under threat of development

An initiative to keep the South-facing beach adjoining Ontario Place West Island, known as “Teachbeach,” “Michael Hough Beach,” “Pebble Beach,” or “Peacebeach” to be and remain public property.

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Active Swimmers

Save Michael Hough Beach Toronto’s cleanest beach

Our Top Priorities

As one of the best places to swim in Toronto, we aim to keep this prime location for swimming open, accessible, and swimmable to everyone. This is the best way to protect the environment and ensure citizens (and wildlife) of Canada’s largest city have a place to swim. 

clean water

TeachBeach is Toronto’s only pebble (sandless) beach, which has unique geological properties, and crystal-clear, grit-free waters.

keep it public

We reject proposals for it being private property, or for privatization of public property that would destroy this amenity.

Beach access

We need a right-of-way path not less than 3 feet (91cm) wide, leading to the beach from the street, become and remain public space. 

Organizations with concerns for the beach

The site of Ontario Place was originally conceived of as a retreat for Ontarians who did not have access to summer cottages. It is not just local swimmers and wildlife that are concerned about losing access to the beach. 


Thousands of open water swimmers use it regularly year-round, including cold-water swimming for essential mental and physical health therapy.

Ontario Place For All

Ontario Place for All is actively spreading the message that Ontario Place must remain a vibrant, publicly accessible, waterfront park.

World Monuments Fund

WMF aims to safeguard the site’s landscape and built heritage from demolition and privatization, through a web portal and public campaign that will foster broader public recognition of the site.

Future of Ontario Place

A project made possible by a partnership between the World Monuments Fund, the John H. Daniels Faculty at the University of Toronto, and Architectural Conservancy Ontario.

Curious Penguins

Curious Penguins’ have launched an app about the redevelopment plans. It offers multiple-choice questions about the project’s environmental impact, cost, and scale. Currently available on Android and as a web app.


Playing a crucial role in the #SaveTheBeach initiative, by providing web and technical services. This assistance has amplified the reach and enabled efficient communication, and boosted community engagement.

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Keep TeachBeach public and stop calling the police on swimmers or those cleaning the beach.

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Upcoming Events




We meet for daily swims at the beach. Check for more. 

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Mention the hashtags #SaveTheBeach or #SaveTeachBeach on social media.

Photo Gallery

We have many more pictures on and our Facebook Group.

Swimmable water protects drinkable fishable water because swimming keeps sewage out of water.

- Mark Mattson